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1935 Exhibit Set

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1935 Exhibit Set Empty 1935 Exhibit Set

Post by smtjoy Fri Jul 24, 2009 4:02 pm

Hi All, just wanted to give this a try, I hope this is what you wanted in this section-

1935 Exhibit Set (16 card set, 1 card for each team) Notes on the set- It's one of the easiest exhibit sets (I would expect about 2 years to complete a low grade set, 4-5 years for a sgc 60/PSA 5 set) with not really any scarce or hard to get cards, it does have one of the few Babe Ruth cards with the Boston Braves. It is hard to find any high grade examples, I consider an SGC 60 as hi grade and anything above that very hard to find.

1 Averill/Harder/Kamm/Trosky

2 Berger/Brandt/Hogan/Ruth

3 Bonura/Dykes/Lyons/Simmons

4 Bottomley/Derringer/Hafey/Lombardi

5 Burns/Hemsley/Melillo/Newsom

6 Bush/Traynor/Vaughan/Waner

7 Cochrane/Gehringer/Goslin/Rowe

8 Collins/Ryan/Watkins/Wilson

9 Cramer/Foxx/Johnson/Mahaffey

10 Critz/Hubbell/Ott/Terry

11 Cronin/Ferrell/Grove/Werber

12 Cuccinello/Lopez/Van Mungo/Taylor

13 Dean/Dean/Frisch/Martin

14 Dickey/Gehrig/Gomez/Lazzeri

15 Grimm/Hartnett/Klein/Warneke

16 Manush/Meyer/Schulte/Whitehill

Scans of the cards-

1935 Exhibit Set 1935exbostonal

1935 Exhibit Set 1935exbostonnlruth

1935 Exhibit Set 1935exbrooklynnl

1935 Exhibit Set 1935exchicagoal

1935 Exhibit Set 1935exchicagonl

1935 Exhibit Set 1935excincinnstinl

1935 Exhibit Set 1935exclevelandal

1935 Exhibit Set 1935exdetroital

1935 Exhibit Set 1935exnewyorknl

1935 Exhibit Set 1935exnyal

1935 Exhibit Set 1935exphiladelphaal

1935 Exhibit Set 1935exphiladelphanl

1935 Exhibit Set 1935expittsburghnl

1935 Exhibit Set 1935exstlouisal

1935 Exhibit Set 1935exstlouisnl

1935 Exhibit Set 1935exwashingtonal

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1935 Exhibit Set Empty Re: 1935 Exhibit Set

Post by fisherboy7 Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:28 pm

Great post, Scott. That's exactly what we're looking for in this section....checklists, scans, as well as any additional info that you might have regarding scarcity, variations, pricing, tougher cards in the set, etc.

BTW, that's a sweet looking set you have there.


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