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Post by sabrjay Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:23 am

After seeing the stamp canceled US Caramel card, it got me to wondering what determines if a back stamp kills the grade or not?

That card, e94s and e98 Old Put stamps get a grade, yet a Toy Town stamp or stamp placed on a card by collector will kill grade. Shouldn't anything on the back that wasn't their originally be an automatic downgrade?

As I've said for years, paying a premium for a back stamp is the biggest scam going. As much money as is involved with the, I can't believe someone hasn't been faking these, or creating new stamps. Who is to dispute whether a new stamp back is legit or not? There is no one left alive that collected these cards when they were issued and there is no official record of what stamps were used.

Personally, I think any card with a back stamp should be downgraded, whether it be Old Put, Oppie Dildock or whatever.


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