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First HR in MLB history

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First HR in MLB history Empty First HR in MLB history

Post by sabrjay on Sun May 03, 2015 4:15 am

Interesting tidbit that John Thorn posted, today in 1876, Ross Barnes of Chicago hit the first MLB HR off Cherokee Fisher of Cincinnati.


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First HR in MLB history Empty Re: First HR in MLB history

Post by m-mac on Thu May 07, 2015 9:05 pm

Nice. Barnes' hit was inside the park. I don't know, but he probably had them expecting one of his fair-fouls hits, so they all played in and along the line, and then he just drilled it into the wide open outfield. I understand most home runs then were of the inside the park variety. Many of the fields were so large, and the style of batting was more choppy and line drives. The bats tended to be heavy too. In some parks, when the crowd flowed out of the stands and into the field, an agreement typically awarded a base or more to a ball hit into the crowd. I don't know about all of the small parks, but at the lake front grounds in Chicago, the large home run totals in 1884 were the result of the park rule that season that balls hit over the short fence would be a home run. Hence, lots of home runs that season. Previously, I believe those were doubles. Williamson went from 49 doubles and 2 HRs in 1883 to 18 doubles and 27 HRs in 1884.

I wonder who hit and when the first home run as we would call it today? Who hit the first home run out of a park? And when? Where?

Sorry if this is considered ruining your post.

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