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My Trip to Africa

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Post by Griffins Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:03 pm

jbonie wrote:
Well, I get out to the hebergement in Rodrigues, and what do I find when I enter the room?  There is a cockroach sitting right on the desk table, hanging out on some wires, and I see the roach, and the roach sees me, but the roach doesn't move, it is just kinda hanging out, waving its antennae around.  Well, Rodrigues is so mellow that I think, maybe they don't kill the roaches here, so I decide, since I'm feeling relaxed, too, that I'll let the roach be, and maybe it'll just go away.

By the next day, I hadn't seen the roach, so I sort of figured it was gone, but that night, I was sleeping, only to be woken by something walking across my forehead in my sleep.  It only took a moment for me to realize it was THE COCKROACH!!!  AHHHHH!!!!!

About 20 years ago I was on a scuba trip in Tonga. On the last nite I came back into our room to find a spider on the wall. Figuring live and let live I ignored it. Woke up in the morning with a spider bite on my toe, got on the plane for 7 hours to Hawaii, then 5 hours home to LA. By the time I landed my leg was a balloon, and people were stopping me in the airport to see if I was ok.
4 hours in the ER and I was fixed. They told me I was about 12 hours from losing my toe, and a day from losing my foot.
I kill everything I see with 8 legs now. Namaste.

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