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The National BBQ sauce orders

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The National BBQ sauce orders Empty The National BBQ sauce orders

Post by sabrjay Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:10 pm

I will be bring my BBQ sauces with me to the National. If you are interest in buying some, LMK so that I make sure to bring enough of the correct sauces for everyone. Special rate for the National $6 for BBQ sauces, $8 for the Ghostly Goodness. I'll give you further discounts if you want to buy 3 or more bottles.

Traditional – Medium hot sauce. Steady flavorful heat.

Minnesota Mouth – Mild seasoned sauce for those that believe black pepper is spicy.

Maniacal Mango – Sweet and tangy sauce with a sweet start that builds to a spicy finish.

Mephisto’s Madness – Hot sauce with a tasty heat that plays nice with other flavors.

Ghostly Goodness - Made with the infamous bhut jalokia (ghost pepper). You will not need a fire extinguisher to eat this sauce. You actually get to taste the wonderful citrus flavors of this pepper. While this sauce was made for chicken wings, it has a lot of other uses. This sauce is in the running for 2014 Scovies and Golden Chili Awards for best new wing sauce, best fruit based wing sauce and best unique recipe wing sauce.

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