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WTB: T205 Cards...List inside

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WTB: T205 Cards...List inside Empty WTB: T205 Cards...List inside

Post by kamikid Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:10 pm

Hey everyone looking to see if I can score some of these on here.

Looking for these below. Prefer if graded by PSA or Raw only.
Please lmk what you have along with price,condition if its raw and photos please. Thanks for checking the thread hopefully we can strike some deals

(1) Edward J. Abbaticchio
(2) Doc Adkins
(4) Jas. P. Archer
(8) Neal Ball
(9) E.B Barger (full "B" on cap)
(10) E.B Barger (partial "B" on cap)
(17) Chas. Bender
(18) William Bergen
(19) Bob Bescher
(22) William E. Bransfield
(23) Roger P. Bresnahan (mouth closed)
(24) Roger P. Bresnahan (mouth open)
(26) Mordecai Brown
(28) Hick Cady
(31) Frank Chance
(32a) Hal Chase (both ears show, gold diamond frame ends below shoulders)
(32b) Hal Chase (both ears show, gold diamond frame ends at shoulders)
(33) Hal Chase (only left ear shows)
(34) Ed Cicotte
(36) Ty Cobb
(37) Eddie Collins (mouth closed)
(38) Eddie Collins (mouth open)
(39) Jimmy Collins
(40) Frank J. Corridon
(41b) Otis Crandall ("t" not crossed in name)
(43) W. F. Dahlen
(44) Jake Daubert
(45) Jim Delehanty
(47) Josh Devore
(48) W.R. Dickson
(49) Jiggs Donohue
(52a) Patsy Dougherty (red sock for team emblem)
(52b) Patsy Dougherty (white sock for team emblem)
(55) Hugh Duffy
(56) Jack Dunn
(57) Jimmy Dygert
(58) R. Egan
(59) Kid Elberfeld
(62) John J. Evers
(64) G.C. Ferguson
(65) Ray Fischer
(66) Arthur Fletcher
(67) John Flynn
(68) Russ Ford (black cap)
(69) Russ Ford (white cap)
(71) Jimmy Frick
(73) Earl Gardner
(75) George Gibson
(76) Wilbur Goode
(78) George F. Graham (Cubs)
(79) Edward L. Grant
(80a) Dolly Gray (no stats on back)
(80b) Dolly Gray (stats on back)
(81) Clark Griffith
(83) Charlie Hanford
(84) Bob Harmon (both ears show)
(85) Bob Harmon (only left ear shows)
(86) Topsy Hartsel
(88) Charlie Hemphill
(90a) R. Hoblitzell (no stats on back)
(90b) R. Hoblitzell ("Cin." after 1908 in stats)
(90c) R. Hoblitzel (name incorrect)
(90d) R. Hoblitzell (no "Cin." after 1908 in stats)
(91) Danny Hoffman
(92) Miller Huggins
(93) John E. Hummel
(94) Fred Jacklitsch
(95) Hughie Jennings
(98) Tom Jones
(99) Addie Joss
(100) Ed Karger
(101) Ed Killian
(102) Red Kleinow
(103) John G. Kling
(106) Harry Krause
(109) Frank Lang
(110a) A. Latham (A. Latham on back)
(110b) A. Latham (W.A. Latham on back)
(111) Thomas Leach
(112) Watty Lee
(113) Sam Leever
(114a) A. Leifield
(114b) A.P. Leifield
(115) Edgar Lennox
(116) Paddy Livingston
(120) Jno. C. Lush
(121) Nick Maddox
(122) Sherwood R. Magee
(123) R.W. Marquard
(126) Sport McAllister
(128) Arby McConnell
(129) P.L. McElveen
(130) J.J. McGraw
(131) Harry McIntyre (Cubs)
(133) M.A. McLean
(134) Fred Merkle
(136) J.T. Meyers
(139) M.F. Mitchell
(140a) P.J. Moran (stray line of type beneath stats)
(140b) P.J. Moran (no stray line)
(141) George Moriarty
(142) George Mullin
(144) Jack Murray
(146) Thomas J. Needham
(147) Rebel Oakes
(148) Rube Oldring
(149) Charley O'Leary
(150) Fred Olmstead
(151) Orval Overall
(152) Freddy Parent
(153) George Paskert
(155) Barney Pelty
(159) C. Phillippe
(161) A.L. Raymond
(163) Lewis Richie
(164) John Rowan
(165) George Rucker
(166) W.D. Scanlan
(167) Germany Schaefer
(168) George Schlei
(169) Boss Schmidt
(172) B.H. Sharpe
(174) David Shean (Cubs)
(175) Jas. T. Sheckard
(176) Hack Simmons
(178) Fred Snodgrass
(179) Tris Speaker
(180) Jake Stahl
(181) Oscar Stanage
(182) Harry Steinfeldt
(183) George Stone
(186) George F. Suggs
(187) Ed Summers
(188) Jeff Sweeney
(190) Ira Thomas
(191) Joe Tinker
(193) Terry Turner
(194) James Vaughn
(195) Heinie Wagner
(196) Bobby Wallace (with cap)
(197a) Bobby Wallace (no cap, one line of 1910 stats)
(197b) Bobby Wallace (no cap, two lines of 1910 stats)
(198) Ed Walsh
(199) Z.W. Wheat
(200) Doc White (White Sox)
(201) Kirb. White (Pirates)
(202a) Irwin K. Wilhelm (missing letter "r" in suffered)
(202b) Irwin K. Wilhelm (suffered has letter "r")
(204) J. Owen Wilson
(205) George R. Wiltse (both ears show)
(206) George R. Wiltse (only right ear shows)
(207) Harry Wolter
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