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Trading T202's

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Trading T202's Empty Trading T202's

Post by milkit1 Thu Feb 04, 2010 2:48 am

Got the following to trade:
Trading T202's T202_a10
Trading T202's T202_m10
Trading T202's Turkey10

Looking for the following:

Will Trade the Austin/Cobb/Stovall for:

O'leary/fast Work at Third/cobb (will throw in an extra $100 for this one)

Moriarity/Good Play at 3rd/Cobb (Will throw in an extra $100 for this one as well)

Speaker / Speaker Scores Engle/ Engle

Will trade Meyers/Just before the battle/Matty (Plus $30) for:
Devlin (Giants)/ Devlin Gets his man/ Mathewson
Devlin (Rustlers)/Devlin Gets his man/Mathewson
Fletcher / Devlin gets his man/ Mathewson
Fletcher / Just Before The Battle / Mathewson
Devlin (Rustlers)/ Too Late For Devlin/ Mathewson
Speaer/ Speaker Scores/ Engle

Will trade Miller/ speaker Almost Caught/Clarke or
Chance / Chance beats throw/ Foxen PLUS $20 for:

Gibson / Chase Guarding First/ Clarke

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