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vintage fantasy baseball league Empty vintage fantasy baseball league

Post by sabrjay Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:32 pm

We are up to the 1882 season. This is the first year of the American Association. We are in search of 2 people that would like to join the league and run teams. This is basically a draft league but you do determine batting line ups, pitching rotation, the ballpark you play in and managerial strategy. The rules below my name on this post. This is not a time intensive thing, so if this seems like something that would appeal to you, let me know.

This have been an eye opening experience for everyone involved as far who good players are, etc and we learn all sorts of fun stuff from Gil, one of the managers who think was alive back then. We would prefer that you be willing to stick out through the 1926 season, which is all the seasons for which I have data.


Here is the basic progression of a season:

  1. Keepers and new ballparks announced
  2. Trading is open
  3. Draft
  4. Players sent to the farm team
  5. Supplemental draft
  6. lineups and manager settings
  7. First 1/3 of season played
  8. Brief period of trading and roster moves open
  9. Second 1/3 of season played
  10. Brief period trading and roster moves open. Last chance to send players to the farm

  11. Trading closed
  12. Final 1/3 of season played and results posted
The draft for the 1871 season will be for 13 players. 11 fielding positions and 2 pitchers. This will change as we progress.

  • 1881 season 14 man roster

for 1871 will be a rebounding meaning the last pick of the round gets
the first pick of the next round. All remaining drafts will be a
traditional draft in reverse order of the standings.

  • A
    player must have played 25% of the games in a season that the draft is
    taking place in order to be eligible for the regular season roster.
    i.e. a player has to have played 39 games in a season with 154 games.

  • Players with less than 25% of games played can be drafted but they must be put on the farm team.
  • Only
    players that actually played that season are eligible for the draft.
    Players that have sat out a year or two and will be playing again
    cannot be drafted as well as any other player that might become
    eligible the following year. This means no drafting rookies a year

  • From 1880 on, a player will need to have 50% of the seaon's games at a position in order to eligible to start at that position.
  • If
    a player has played 75% of the season's games but does not meet the 50%
    requirement for a position, the player is eligible to start at the
    position in which he has played 25% of the season's games.

length will be approximately the same as the historical season. There
will be a break at the 1/3 and 2/3 point in the season to allow a
limited window for trades and ensure the sim is running properly.

  • If
    a player has played at 25% of the season's games at a position, he can
    played there during the final 1/3 of the season. i.e. in an 80 game
    season if someone has 40 games at position and 20 at another, they will
    start the season at the position they played 40 games and play the
    other position in the final 1/3 of the season if the manager chooses to
    do so.

Rules of the day
will be used. The sim will handle this. There is nothing you guys need
to do. It just affects scoring and substitutions, etc.

Trades are allowed, but you cannot trade draft picks.

  • Trading is open from the time the last team announces its keepers until the start of the regular season. You will also have a very limited window to make trades at each break point in the season.
  • Draft picks CANNOT be traded.
  • They do not need to be one-for-one. You can have a 2 for 1, 3 for 5 or whatever you like.
  • The
    team losing players from their roster will need to fill those slots
    with players from the free agent pool of undrafted players.

  • The team acquiring players beyond the roster limit can put them on their farm team.
  • The
    players put on the farm team do not have to be the players acquired in
    the trade. You send anyone to the farm to get your roster to the right

  • Trades cannot be made for future considerations or swap backs at the end of the season.

Farm Team:

  • Players that were drafted with fewer than 25% of games played or players acquired in a trade may be placed on the farm team.
  • A supplemental draft will be held after players are placed on the farm team.
  • Players
    can only be on the farm team for one year. You either have to put him
    on your keeper list at the end of the year or release him back to the
    free agent pool.

  • You cannot keep
    more players than what you are allowed. If you have 3 players on your
    farm and won the league you can only keep one player, either from your
    farm team or regular roster. Putting them on your farm team does not
    mean you automatically get to keep them.

  • Players can be moved to the farm
    team at any time but moves to the farm made after the end of the season
    occur before declaring keepers.

  • Players
    moved to the farm during the draft does not free up another draft pick.
    You replace the player at the end of the draft in the supplemental

Supplemental Draft:
This will be held after players are placed on the farm teams and held
in the same order as the draft for that year.

All ballparks from 1901-2004 are available. You can change ballparks at the start of a new season before the draft occurs.

Manager preferences can be changed after the draft before the sim is run.

Keepers: This is the maximum number of players a team can keep.

  • 1st place can keep one player
  • 2nd place can keep up to two players
  • 3rd place can keep up to three players
  • 4th place can keep up to four players
  • 5th place can keep up to five players
  • 6th place can keep up to six players

keepers are announced, your roster is open to change at that point to
allow trading, i.e the 1st place team is no longer limited to one
player on the roster, etc.

For 1871-3 the seasons the champion
is determined by most series won. From 1874-1900 the champion is
determined by best winning percentage. From 1901 on the champion will
be determined by a playoff between the two division winners.

Overall championship scoring for 1871-1900:

  • 1st place 10 points
  • 2nd place 6 points
  • 3rd place 4 points
  • 4th place 3 points
  • 5th place 2 points
  • 6th place 1 point

If you are caught with ineligible player, you will lose the
championship points for that season.

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vintage fantasy baseball league Empty Re: vintage fantasy baseball league

Post by bowlingshoeguy Mon Dec 07, 2009 3:30 am

We are currently looking to add a couple of new players. If you are interested contact Jay.

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Post by TheRiddler Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:18 pm

This all sounds complicated, but it runs smoothly, and you are coached every step of the way regarding what comes next, and what is due now.

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