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Blank Fronts by Kevin Saucier

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Blank Fronts by Kevin Saucier Empty Blank Fronts by Kevin Saucier

Post by sabrjay Sun Dec 16, 2007 8:59 pm

"SO would you think all t206 blank backed cards are unique?"

They can be.

Blank Fronts by Kevin Saucier Blanks2


How about blank fronts, do you think they would sell for a premium?
It can be player you want...could be a Cobb...could be a Wagner etc.

Singing to the choir?

Check it's authenticity by putting it under a fluorescent black or
UV light. Best if it's completely dark and high watt. Fish tank hoods
built into an open front wood box (black-light box) work great! If you
are serious about card collecting, it's a must have item.

As an example, I would not be comfortable with the blank back
Jennings that was sold a few days ago. Scanners, at times, can produce
an image that looks like it's under a black-light.

Kevin Saucier

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