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t-card blanks by Kevin Saucier

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t-card blanks by Kevin Saucier Empty t-card blanks by Kevin Saucier

Post by sabrjay Sun Dec 16, 2007 8:42 pm

I've showed made blanks front / backs before but at a distance. Here
are some very close up pictures for you to examine, both are different
cards. As you can see there are no visible means of detection, fiber
disruption or paper loss....they are factory clean with a bit on toning
added. The edges are natural and untouched. This is why I always say
"be careful when buying blank back / front proof-type cards." I may
have about a dozen of these...many are blank on both sides just to see
if it could be done.

counterfeit money, getting the correct paper with the proper cuts and
edges is said to be the toughest obstacle. Anyone have a Honus
Wagner print we can add to these?

t-card blanks by Kevin Saucier Tcardblankszf8

Kevin Saucier

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