Ts available for T210, T212, C46

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Ts available for T210, T212, C46

Post by typecard on Sat Jan 12, 2008 1:54 am

The cards below are rough, and I'd like to swap them for similar condition cards from these sets:
T210 (any cards except series 2), T212-2 (need about 30), T212-3 (any), C46 (any)
Thanks, Andy typecard@aol.com

T201 Byrne-Clarke
T205 Dunn Minor Leaguer
T206 Clarke (portrait), Knabe (spot paperloss)
T207 Livingston (small C), Olson
T212-2 Eastley, Flood, Klein, J.Smith
T212-3 Krueger, JRyan

Minor Leaguer
Minor Leaguer

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