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Laugh of the day

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Laugh of the day Empty Laugh of the day

Post by sabrjay Fri Dec 21, 2007 8:09 pm

I just got asked the most bizzare, legitimate question at work today. For those that don't know, I work at Menards, the Midwest version of Home Depot.

Customer: Do you have any stool samples I can see?

Me: (doing my best to not laugh while wondering why the hell he would ask that)

Customer: I'm looking for something with a design on it. It can be embroidered or stenciled. Doesn't matter to me

Me: (finally realizing what he istalking about) are looking for barstools or kitchen stools?

I couldn't wait to pass him off to the proper department so I could tell others. lol!


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Laugh of the day Empty Re: Laugh of the day

Post by scott elkins Fri Dec 21, 2007 8:38 pm

That one is hilarious Jay - I would have burst out laughing, if I had been in your shoes.

The DUMBEST question I ever had (which I didn't even think was serious at first) was when I was butchering (the last job I had before I got into insurance, and my favorite job as well). We had some chicken patties on sale - buy one get one free and some man actually asked me what that meant! It also took about thirty minutes to explain to him.

Working with the public certainly has its moments! Shocked

scott elkins

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