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Winter Meetings - Signings

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Winter Meetings - Signings Empty Winter Meetings - Signings

Post by LucasRiley Sat Dec 12, 2015 3:33 am

Creating a spot for discussion of the Winter Meetings and the signings during the week. Hope many will weigh in. My thoughts on the big transactions:

Greinke to AZ (6yr, $206.5mil): I don't buy the 'clinical shyness' angle. He signed in L.A., for god's sake. I find this to be proof-positive that players go where the dollars are, period, and the "I think this team can win a title" stuff is BS. It's about money. But hey, more power to him. I wish I was making what he makes. So long as he understands that he just wrote off his 300-win career chances.

Samardzija to SF (5yr, $90mil): Someone please explain this one to me. A pitcher who has no more than 11 wins in a season and is 47-61 overall through eight seasons? Granted, he pitched on some crappy Cubs teams, but do the Giants think that going 16-19 the last two seasons in the AL (with an ERA of almost 5.00 in '15) makes him worth $18mil a year? Good luck with that.

Heyward to Cubs (8yr, $184mil): A good signing, but too long and too much $. He's young (26), misses few games, has a solid career average (.268), and hits a fair number of HR. That said, his career numbers are decidedly infield-ish rather than power-OF-ish. But: He has a great career OF fielding percentage (.988). Maybe that's the draw?

Price to BOS (7yr, $217mil): Could be the signing of this free agency period. His 104-56 career record with a 3.09 ERA is convincing. Plus, he's now homed where the dimensions certainly aren't any worse than TOR, and the other batting lineups in the division are not likely to scare him. Could have a career year.

Zimmerman to DET (5yr, $110mil): Pulled off a very solid 2015 for an underachieving team in a pitcher's park. Now pitching in the ultimate pitcher's park, Detroit. Plus, DET probably needs to rebuild offensively. He'll probably dip from his 2015 numbers. Worth $22mil a year? I think to doubt it.

Trumbo to Bal: I don't know the exact terms of the deal, just as I know little about Mark as a hitter. Does anyone think he's gonna be a fitting replacement if we don't resign CD?

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Winter Meetings - Signings Empty Re: Winter Meetings - Signings

Post by sabrjay Sat Dec 12, 2015 5:03 pm

The Twins signing Park will be interesting. While Target Field seems like it should be friendly park for HRs, it has proven to be tougher than it looks. Her's to pipedreaming that Twins will land Jose Fernandez.


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