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FT: E104-II

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FT: E104-II Empty FT: E104-II

Post by crazylocomerk Tue Mar 04, 2008 4:24 am

I'm looking for graded T216's, preferably in SGC holders. If you have something to trade, send me an email: crazylocomerk@yahoo.com

Here are the cards I have for trade. I'm not looking to sell any of these. I just want to do some trading for T216 Kottons, Mino's, and Virginia Extras.

E103 Pastorious PSA 2 (MK). Front looks like a 4. Penciled in 25 on back. GONE!
FT: E104-II 1910E103PastoriousWilliamsCaramelCo

E104-II George Gibson Nadja Caramel Blank Back. Good looking card for the grade (back paper loss)
FT: E104-II 1910E104-IIGeorgeGibsonNadjaBlankBa

T211 Nolley RED SUN GONE!
FT: E104-II 1910T211NolleyRedSun

E94 Magee graded a PSA 5. TRADED!
FT: E104-II 1911E94SherryMageeGeorgeCloseCo

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