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T206 Back Rankings

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T206 Back Rankings Empty T206 Back Rankings

Post by bowlingshoeguy Fri Mar 02, 2012 8:11 pm

By using the T206 Resource ranking of T206 backs:


I find it curious that the prices of all these backs do not necessarily reflect the rankings. As most of you know I collect and follow Cycle 460s quite closely and the prices for them surpass many of the backs ahead of them. A prime example was a Duffy SGC 30 Sovereign 460 that finished at a little over $100, that card in same grade in a Cycle 460 would go for at least 3 times that. I think even the Cycle 350 in the similar grade would surpass that kind of price. Granted I think the realized price was low for the Duffy but many of the prices do not reflect the back rankings.

From the backs I have been able to cover, my rankings by value from 12. Pied 42 to 24 Cycle 350:

12 Hindu - Brown (14)
13 Piedmont 350-460 Factory No.42 (12)
14 Cycle 460 (17)
15 American Beauty 460 (13)
16 American Beauty 350 (No Frame) (15)
17 Sovereign 460 (16)
18 Cycle 350 (24)
19 American Beauty 350 (Frame) (21)
20 El Principe De Gales (20)
21 Tolstoi (18)
22 Sweet Caporal 350-460 Factory No.25 ( I think this is lower because it takes an effort to figure the back out) (19)
23 Sovereign 350 (Apple Green) (22)
24 Sweet Caporal 350-460 Factory No.42 ( I think this is lower because it takes an effort to figure the back out) (23)

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Sultan of the Cycle Back

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