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The Rules

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The Rules Empty The Rules

Post by sabrjay Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:33 pm

1. Player Pool

Participants may pick
players from any era of baseball history MLB or Negro Leagues. They must have been a
prior to 1996 to be eligible and have played at least 10 years. Negro
Leagues may have some more leeway in this. You can always PM me to see
if a player is in the database.

2. Draft Order

The order of the draft will be randomly generated by the draft order generator website.Your
picks must be made in observance of the draft order. A new thread will
be posted for each round of the draft. The order of picks will be
clearly posted in these threads. The draft will be snake style, meaning
the first person to pick of the first round will pick last in the
second round. The last person to pick in the first round will get the
first pick in the second round. And so on.

3. Private Messaging

important. Once you've made your pick, it is your responsibility to PM
the person with the next pick in the draft. Please remember to do this
each and every time to keep the draft moving!

4. Time Limit

is a time limit of 12 hours to make your pick. If you haven't made your
pick in that time, the next guy on the list is free to pick. You can
make up your missed pick whenever you are able to. If you are going to
be away for an extended period, please PM Jay or someone else you would like to make the pick for you a list of 4-5
players that you're targeting, and we will pick for you when it's your

5.Format of Player Selection

Selections will be made just like in a real draft. Here's the basic format:

Round 1 pick 6, (your team name) is happy to select: (player name) and (position they will occupy on your roster)
Then an explanation of why you made the pick.


With the 6th pick of the first round, fisherboy7 is happy to select Johnny Bench, catcher.

fisherboy7 was looking to fill the catcher position with a leader and a
great hitter, and that's exactly what it got in Bench. Blah blah blah
so on and so forth.

6. Roster Thread

will maintain their roster in a separate thread. On the rosters thread,
you will post your team name, staduim choice and you will add your players to the
empty roster spots as you move through the draft. Each roster will have
24 players. Here is a blank template, everyone can copy/paste theirs in
the same format if they wish. If you'd prefer to shorten your bench and
add a few extra pitchers, that's fine. Just make sure all your
offensive starters are in place. You don't need to have this exact
roster, but it usually works best. I wouldn't go with fewer than 8
pitchers, but you can run 10 or 11, but wouldn't go past that because
you will hurt your offense, especially if have a lot injuries. To start
at a position a player must have played at least 25% of his career
games at that position.

C -
C -
1B -
2B -
3B -
SS -
OF -
OF -
OF -
BN -
BN -
BN -
BN -
BN -
BN -

SP -
SP -
SP -
SP -
RP -
RP -
RP -
RP -
CL -

Any questions, please PM me or ask in the discussion thread

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