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Wanted : **Old Mill / Hindu Newspaper Ads for website**

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Wanted : **Old Mill / Hindu Newspaper Ads for website** Empty Wanted : **Old Mill / Hindu Newspaper Ads for website**

Post by BrassT206 Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:09 am


Over the past few weeks I have been putting together a comprehensive collection of the Old Mill and Hindu ads that ran throughout the US from 1909 to about May of 1910 for a website that will display the advertisements along with the dates and newspapers. Currently, I have accumulated 25 different Old Mill images and 10 Hindu images spanning 6 different newspapers. I have been able to roughly identify a chronological order for the Old Mills along with their 14 different phrases. I do not have any images of the Sporting Life Piedmont ads nor any other ads from EPDG, Soveriegn, etc. I am looking for the forums help to continue to gather images and information for this webpage so that collectors will have a place to go to and admire the ads which sold millions of cigarettes and eventually gave us our T sets. My email is kilaartist@aol.com for anyone with additional information or to send images of your ads. Also, I am eventually hoping to display these newspapers in some form for the public so if anyone has these ads and are willing to sell them or trade for them please keep me in mind. Thanks to all those who have already contributed their knowledge:

Troy Kirk
Joe Lindway
Paul Mifsud
Leon Luckey

Thanks again for helping with the project. ~DB

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