t206 red cobb...momentary blip on the radar

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t206 red cobb...momentary blip on the radar

Post by cccc on Sat Jan 07, 2012 7:49 pm

so i was looking for a lowgrade red cobb and have been following the sales lately on ebay. prices were pretty set and cards were sitting there with high bins unsold. but as soon as probstein sold his nice looking 3 for $1075:

t206 red cobb psa 3

that set off a chain effect where within a couple days 4 bins were executed at their (high?) asking prices and another crappy looking 2 sold for $100+ more than it should have.

crappy looking bvg 2

i was fascinated by this chain of events where a bunch of bin sellers benefitted from the auction. never say no one looks at ebay anymore
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