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Post by fisherboy7 Thu May 01, 2008 5:05 pm

Wondering what the little icons in member's profiles mean? Here's the legend:

Status Icon Legend Symbols_artist Graphics Expert
Member has designed graphic artwork either for the forum or its members.

Status Icon Legend Symbols_linker Web Supporter
Member has linked to Full Count from his/her webpage.

Status Icon Legend Symbols_writer Writer
Member has written one short article for Full Count or five set profiles in the Virtual Set area.

Status Icon Legend Symbols_executive Editor
Member has written two short articles for Full Count or ten set profiles in the Virtual Set area.

Status Icon Legend Symbols_editor Executive
Member has written five short articles for Full Count or twenty set profiles in the Virtual Set area.

Status Icon Legend Symbol10 Innovative Member
Member has made one or more useful suggestions that significantly helped improve the forum.

Status Icon Legend Mlb10i10 Fantasy Baseball Champ
First place team in the Full Count fantasy baseball keeper league.

Status Icon Legend Ncaa1010NCAA Bracket Challenge Winner
First place bracket submitted in the Full Count NCAA challenge.

Status Icon Legend Symbols_blackjack_champion Poker Champ
First place finish in an online Full Count Poker Challenge.

Status Icon Legend Symbols_response Full Count Response Team
Member has made special efforts to help resolve issues on the forum, technical or otherwise.

Status Icon Legend Symbols_funny Jester
Member makes people laugh and entertains the forum with their wit and/or humor.

* Please PM me if you feel you may have earned a particular icon but have been overlooked.

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