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Want to trade T206's for E94.

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Want to trade T206's for E94. Empty Want to trade T206's for E94.

Post by ullmandds Tue Oct 11, 2011 2:18 am

I have about 60 or so T206 I would like to trade for the E94's I need. I have some scarcer backs...hindu(konetchy sgc 40),red hindu(russ ford sgc 10), ab, bl 350(gantzel), sov 460...about 1/2 are graded...rest are raw(jordan, donovan, rudolph, cicotte, stahl, gansley, hemphill, dunn, lake, chase(white cap), titus, sweeney, overall, hummel, phillippe(ab 350 w/frame), byrne, rucker, howell).

Many of these cards have been in my collection for 10-25 years.

puke I'm looking for the following E94's in good/creaseless condition...in any color:

bates, bescher, chance, cicotte, doolan, evers, grant, leach, lobert, lord, mcgraw, turner.

As of right now...T206's are NOT for sale...so don't ask!

pls send me scans of e94's you may want to trade to ullmandds@gmail.com
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