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BBCHOF e107 Mathewson

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Does this card belong in the BBCHOF?

BBCHOF e107 Mathewson Vote_lcap73%BBCHOF e107 Mathewson Vote_rcap 73% 
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BBCHOF e107 Mathewson Vote_lcap27%BBCHOF e107 Mathewson Vote_rcap 27% 
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Total Votes : 22
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BBCHOF e107 Mathewson Empty BBCHOF e107 Mathewson

Post by sabrjay Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:50 pm

BBCHOF e107 Mathewson Lf?source=url%5bfile%3aimages%2finetpub%2fnewnames%2f300%2f5%2f5%2f7%2f9%2f5579402.jpg%5d%2ccontinueonerror%5btrue%5d&scale=size%5b450x2000%5d%2coptions%5blimit%5d&source=url%5bfile%3aimages%2finetpub%2fwebuse%2fno_image_available.gif%5d%2cif%5b%28%27global.source

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