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looking for t204 Ramly's...large tradelist below

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looking for t204 Ramly's...large tradelist below Empty looking for t204 Ramly's...large tradelist below

Post by shammus Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:42 am

Trying to acquire a few examples to get me going on this set. I'm looking for just about any player in any condition. I prefer lowgrade for now as that allows me to rack up more cards quicker! Below is a large tradelist of cards I'd part with in exchange. Or if you've got cards to sell, I'm happy to hear about those too. Thanks guys!


c46 Complete Set of 90
t201 Meyers/Doyle GD/VG - mild corner wrinkle
t205 Leach PSA AUT [Broadleaf back] - torn corner, otherwise very nice
t205 Fromme VG - no wrinkling
t205 Lord VG - no wrinkling
t205 Simmons VG - no wrinkling
t205 Richie VG - no wrinkling
t205 Gaspar VG - one corner wrinkle
t206 Chance (port - YELLOW w/ overprint) PR/FR - pinhole, wrinkling
t207 Fromme VG+ - mostly sharp corners, no wrinkling
t207 Schaefer VG - offcentered, sharp corners, no wrinkling
t209-2 Ebinger (Wilmington) VG - mild corner wear, no wrinkling
t209-2 Beusewein (Charlotte) GD - one corner wrinkle, mild staining
t209-2 McKeavitt (Winston Salem) GD - one corner wrinkle, mild staining
t209-2 Stouch (Greenville) FR/GD - mild surface wear, no significant wrinkling
t209-2 Hearne (Wilson) PR/FR - wear on front
t209-2 Drumm (Greenville) PR/FR - WOF, rough lower corner
t209-2 Brent (Winston Salem) FR/GD - nicks on photo, no significant creasing
t209-2 Morgan (Goldsboro) FR - mild wrinkling/surface wear
t209-2 Boyle (Fayetteville) PR - wear/nicks on front
t209-2 Kelley (Wilmington) FR/GD - mild wrinkling
t209-2 Midkiff (Winston Salem) FR/GD - corner wear, edge chipping, no wrinkling
t209-2 Jackson (Spartansburg) FR/GD - heavy crease towards upper right corner
t209-2 Keating SGC 10 - nice except for damage to lower right hand portion of card (includes caption)
t209-2 Ferrell PSA 1.5 - nice card...couple nicks on right border
t210 Series 7 Ham SGC 20 - The ONLY example that has been slabbed by PSA, SGC, etc..
t210 Series 7 Hyames SGC 30 (no creases)
t210 Series 7 Irving SGC AUT - The ONLY example that has been slabbed by PSA, SGC, etc..
t210 Series 7 Gunderson SGC 10 - The ONLY example to be graded by SGC
t222 Lee Magee SGC 10 - second toughest card in set
e92 Dockman Shean PSA 4 mk - no creasing, very little wear, mostly sharp corners, bit of writing on back
e92 Dockman Donovan PSA 3 mk - no wrinkling/creasing, tiny pencilmark on back
e92 Dockman McLean PSA AUT - trimmed with back damage but very nice on front
e92 Dockman Miller PSA AUT - wrinkling on front w/ back damage
e92 Dockman Murphy PSA AUT - recolored corner on front, backdamage
e92 Dockman Ohara PSA AUT - nice on front, NO trimming, heavy back damage
e92 Dockman Smith PSA AUT - great color and little wear on front, no trimming, heavy back damage
e93 BLANK BACK Collins SGC AUT - very sharp....no wear...hand cut with a blank back
e97 Camnitz B&W/PROOF SGC 20 - very little wear, one corner scratch, no creasing
e99 Maggert PSA AUT - lowest POP report in set, tiny pinhole, very little wear
e100 Cutshaw PSA 1 - rounded corners, nice HORIZONTAL POSE, very tough
e101 Bender (blue back variation) FR - tiny wrinkles and "flecks" on surface ...tough variation!!
e102 Lajoie PR/FR - staining on front, worn corner, wrinkling
e102 Wagner (fielding) SGC 10 - creases/corner wear. VERY RARE variation....exceedingly difficult!!
e103 Tenny SGC AUT - neat "oversized borders" / handcut card....TOUGHEST card in a brutal set
e103 Wood GD/VG - w/ Pinhole but very displayable card...2nd toughest in set after Tenny
e103 Chance SGC 10 - crease across middle w/ smaller wrinkles on sides/corners ....toughest HOFer in set!
Eunc Orange Border Pirates Team w/ Wagner SGC 20 --- larger wrinkle across middle
1912 Zeenut Baker (horizontal) PSA 2 - two tiny corner creases...awesome pose and VERY difficult!
1912 Zeenut Higginbottom w/ OVERPRINT GD - crease across middle....tough card!
1913 Zeenut McCarl (horizontal) SGC 20 - vertical wrinkling...awesome pose!
1916 Zeenut Vaughn FR/GD - mild creases --- $30
1920 Zeenuts group of 8 - Gough, James, Jenkins, Maggart, O'Shaughnessy, Prough, Dumovich and Stroud
m116 AD PANEL of three players including Chance...blue background too. VERY SCARCE
m116 NEAR SET of 19/24 blue background cards - missing Wagner, Cobb, Matty, Lajoie and Chance...most cards in GD-VG range
v117 group of 12 (incl. Traynor)
w519 Fatty Arbuckle EX

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