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Fake Kalamazoo Bats Cabinets on ebay

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Fake Kalamazoo Bats Cabinets on ebay Empty Fake Kalamazoo Bats Cabinets on ebay

Post by fisherboy7 Mon May 11, 2009 1:31 pm

Came across a pair of 19th century cabinets on ebay which look like Kalamazoo bats cabinets with unmarked mounts. The seller lists them as "unknown vintage baseball card photo". Not sure if the seller's intentions are deceitful, but they have a few phony M101's currently listed as well. Here are the links the the auctions: cabinet #1 cabinet #2

Kalamazoo bats cabinets measure 4¼” by 6½” and come in two varieties: the first with a black mount and a gold embossed "Smoke Kalamazoo Bats" advertising, and the second with a blank mount and no advertising. The pair on ebay resemble the latter type, but to me these appear PHONY. While they seem to measure up (at least fairly closely), the card stock looks cheap and the photo quality has nowhere near the clarity of an original. Don't get fooled by these.

Here's a scan of what an authentic, unmarked Kalamazoo Bats cabinet should look like:

Fake Kalamazoo Bats Cabinets on ebay Kbats_cabinet_gunning

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