WTT/ My E93 Plank for your ?

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WTT/ My E93 Plank for your ?

Post by TheBig6 on Fri Jun 20, 2008 6:10 pm

I have this E93 Plank in PSA2. No creases, No Paperloss. Just corner wear and a few minor stains in right border. This is a high end 2 if there is such a thing. a PSA2 sold recently 4/2/08 in Huggins & Scott for 747.50 which I don't think looks as good as mine. IMO

Anyway, I would consider trading this card for something else
I would really like to trade it towards a nice looking N172 Hofer. I would kick in some cash, of course. But I will entertain and respond to anything..

Thanks for looking

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