19th Century - your best line up

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19th Century - your best line up

Post by ItsOnlyGil on Sun May 11, 2008 1:53 am

You saw mine in the Riddlers Medeveal B.B.C. Choose yours. Below is a list of potentials. You do not have to limit your selections to this list. And players are not locked into the positions indicated, so long as they pass Ben's 25% rule.

This is a batting line up. 8 position players.


Jack Clements, "Deacon" Jim McGuire, Moses Fleetwood Walker, Buck Ewing, Mike "King" Kelly, Charlie Bennett, Charles "Pop" Snyder, Marty Bergen, Duke Farrell, John Warner, Moses Fleetwood Walker, Wilbert Robinson, Doc Bushong, Connie Mack.

Joe Start, Roger Connor, Charles Comiskey, Wes Fisler, Dan Brouthers, Jake Beckley, Fred Tenney, Ed Konetchy, Adrian "Cap" Anson, Dave Orr, Henry Larkin, Cal McVey

Ross Barnes, Jack Burdock, Fred Pfeffer, Cupid Childs, Bid McPhee, Jimmy Williams, Fred Dunlap, Hardy Richardson, Sol White, Frank Grant, Bud Fowler, Gene DeMontreville, Bobby Lowe.

George Wright, Ed McKean, John Montgomery Ward, Jack Glasscock, Herman Long, Hughie Jennings, George Davis, Bill Dahlen, Tommy Corcoran, Freddie Parent, Dickey Pearce

Ezra Sutton, Levi Meyerle, Bob Ferguson, Arlie Latham, Ned Williamson, John McGraw, Jimmie Collins, Bill Nash, Jim Davis, Lave Cross, Denny Lyons, Deacon White, Jerry Denny, Bill Joyce, Levi Meyerle

Harry Stovey, Ed Delahanty, Jesse Burkett, Jim O'Rourke, Tip O'Neill, Abner Dalrymple

Jimmie McAleer, Bill Lange, George Gore, Jimmy Ryan, Harry Wright, Paul Hines, Lip Pike, Tom Brown, George Van Haltren, Dummy Hoy, Billy Hamilton, Hugh Duffy, Ollie Pickering, Curt Welch, Dickey Johnson, Pete Browning, Mike Griffin

Willie Keeler, Jimmy Fogarty, Sam Thompson, Mike Tiernan, Oyster Burns


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Re: 19th Century - your best line up

Post by sabrjay on Sun May 11, 2008 3:32 am

Doesn't take too much thought for me

C - Ewing
1B- Brouthers
2B- Dunlop
3B- Nash
SS- Long
OF- Delehanty
OF- Thompson
OF- Hamilton

P- Hecker
P- Nichols



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Re: 19th Century - your best line up

Post by TheRiddler on Tue May 13, 2008 1:30 am

It is outs, runs and fielding.

When you come up to bat, it is your objective to score a run. Think about it.

So the correct line up is:
Gore, OF, 1.0 R/G
Hamilton, OF, 1.1 R/G
Stovey, OF, 1.0 R/G
Barnes, 2B, 1.4 R/G
McVey,C, 1.0 R/G
Anson, 1B, 0.8 R/G
Dahlen, SS, 0.7 R/G
McGraw, 3B 0.9 R/G

This team is selected to score 8 runs per game while minimizing what it surrenders.
Select pitching to minimize runs given up and fuggetaboutit.

PS. If you don't like Barnes & McVey with their 2.4 R/G, many other choices are good too. Ewing & Pfeffer, for example, yield 1.5 R/G for a total team output of seven runs average game.

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Re: 19th Century - your best line up

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