Current market for 19th century cards

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Current market for 19th century cards

Post by glchen on Fri Apr 10, 2015 7:40 am

The cards that I collect these days tend to either be much too expensive or never come up for sale (and when they do, they're too expensive again). I currently do not have any 19th century cards, and I was wondering what the board thought about current market prices in this area? Are they currently undervalued? I would prefer not to buy stuff that's already really hot. I'd prefer to perhaps purchase an "iconic" 19th century card that isn't getting the attention it deserves right now. Are there any iconic cards that are really good buys, in general, right now? (say under $5K, and HOFer's only) I really liked the N173 Mickey Welch in the current REA auction, but it's beyond my resources currently. Thanks!

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