"Cobb" the book and the movie

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"Cobb" the book and the movie

Post by deadballfreak on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:46 pm

Anybody watch Cobb on MLB last night with the Costas pre movie interview? Good movie even though it is based on a book that was a pack of lies. The Costas interview with Tommy Lee Jones and director Ron Shelton was excellent as far as it went. I wish Costas had brought up the fact that writer Al Stump's book is very suspect. Stump is a proven liar, forger, and suspected thief. Every time he wrote about Cobb it got more sensational and he made more money. Stump was lucky enough to die before they could put him in jail for all the fake Cobb memorabilia he sold. I don't think you can believe a word of that book. Everybody that knew Cobb said it was crap. Old Ty was no saint and he has a lot of things to answer for, but it's not right to be piled on with lies after your gone.
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