tips for buying '52 parkhurst gordie howe

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tips for buying '52 parkhurst gordie howe

Post by cccc on Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:41 pm

i'm looking for an early howe to get signed, and i prefer the crude parkhurst look over the more polished topps issue (it's the caramel collector in me). i was mainly looking for psa graded to be safe, but these don't come around often in my grade (3-4). i see a few raws but afraid to dip my toe in, are there any signs i should be looking for to separate the real thing from reprints?

edit: also great section! wish i could contribute more but the old hockey game is lost on me. there should be more modern talk so i can get my jagr, selanne, and bure fix (yup all euros, the total opposite of don cherry).
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