SOLD--n172 HOFer "Smiling Mickey" Welch--trimmed

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SOLD--n172 HOFer "Smiling Mickey" Welch--trimmed

Post by nolemmings on Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:43 pm

This card has a superior image. Its flaws should be obvious, but are stated anyway: trimmed, small chips on bottom in corner and over "ew", thumbtack impressions on sides (no holes though), light paper peels on back (full card thickness though--not skinned). Card is also very slightly bowed.

$550 ppd. This card's image is what sells it. It is much nicer than the SGC A sold for $367 and the PSA 1 sold by Goodwin (with pinhole through name) for $611-- in case you're looking at VCP comparable sales.
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