WTB Card Collector's Bulletin, Ballcard Collector, Sport Fan

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WTB Card Collector's Bulletin, Ballcard Collector, Sport Fan

Post by m-mac on Mon Oct 24, 2011 6:12 pm

I want to build my library so I know what I am doing and to learn more about what I want to collect. Interested in general hobby and card history.

I seek to buy or trade for Card Collector's Bulletin and associated hobby publications. I need numbers beginning late 1978 until the Bray series ends, then need the entire run of the Benjamin series which I gather to have run until at least 1992. Very good & readable copies or pdf files (high resolution) acceptable.

Would be interested in the 1939 US Card Collectors Catalog supplements from 1943 (if published), 1944 (if published), and 1945 (if published), whos who, collector directory, collector yearbook, etc. Again, readable copy or hi-res pdf file acceptable.

I want other publications, too, such as ballcard collector, sports trader, trader speaks, sport fan, and sports exchange.

I need sports trader from 1966-1968 +

I want ballcard collector pre 1970.

In Sport Fan, I need 1951-1960, 1970-1974, Mar-Apr 1975, Jul-Aug 1976, Sept-Oct 1978, Jan-Feb 1979, and any after beginning with Sept 1979.

All Who's Who from the 1950s-1960-61 wanted.

I need pre-1972 Trader Speaks and the 1989-1990 inserts. As usual, good readable copies or pdf files acceptable.

Other hobby publications wanted too. SCDs, BHNews, BCNews, Sports Collectors News, etc.

Really, if you have reference works, I am interested. Traders or lenders? Let me know.

PM what you have.

Thanks! Mike

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