WTB: Between the Acts (N344) Athlete Cards...

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WTB: Between the Acts (N344) Athlete Cards...

Post by michael3322 on Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:19 am

Hi everyone. I am looking to pick up cards from the Between the Acts athletes set.

Please PM me if you have any that you are looking to trade/sell.


N344 Athletes (Thos H Hall, Between the Acts & Bravo Cigarettes), c. 1880

Athlete Sport
H. "Blower" Brown pedestrianism
Courtney rowing (oarsman)
John Ennis pedestrianism
George Guyon pedestrianism
Hanlan rowing (oarsman)
Frank Hart pedestrianism
George Hazael pedestrianism
Samuel Merritt pedestrianism
Daniel O'Leary pedestrianism
Peter J. Panchot pedestrianism
Charles Rowell pedestrianism
Edward Payson Weston pedestrianism

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