Traders wanted for T206 rare backs.

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Traders wanted for T206 rare backs.

Post by scott elkins on Mon Dec 17, 2007 5:09 am

I have a handful of people I have been trading T206 rare backs with regularly - one of them around 3 or more trades per week the last few weeks!

I collect the following T206 backs and have traders of each (except Red Hindus and Uzits - those are what I am mainly collecting). BL 460, Drum, Uzit, Red Hindu, Brown Hindu, Lenox (Black only - I don't buy those faded "BROWN" ones!), BL 350, Carolina Brights, Cycles (both series) and American Beauties (both series).

You can post here or e-mail me at My eBay user ID is joejacksone90-1, if you need any references.

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