FSH: '64 Koufax + 50s mid/hi grade inc. HOFers Wynn, Ashburn

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FSH: '64 Koufax + 50s mid/hi grade inc. HOFers Wynn, Ashburn

Post by BINatVCP on Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:53 pm

As always, all cards offered at less than 105% of VCP average, and a brief, candid description is included for each card, mentioning anything of note other than the centering on front. Refunds available for any reason on the sale price of any card, provided buyer pays return shipping. Nobody has ever asked from a refund from me, though. Buy with confidence!

Please PM me or e-mail at binatvcp@gmail.com if interested. Prices below do NOT include shipping. Please add $3.50 S&H for the first card and $.50 for any card after that. Might be able to work out a modest additional bulk discount when purchasing two or more cards.

1964 Topps #200 Sandy Koufax PSA 6 - $47.00 (103% of VCP Average). Card has very slight yellowing near top on front and a small print spot in the G of Dodgers. Slight corner wear, and great edges. Better than the average 6, IMO. No concerns on back.
1957 Topps #40 Early Wynn PSA 6 - $14.00 (97% of VCP Average). Corner wear is definitely the reason that this is PSA 6; bottom right shows earliest signs of rounding, while others are slightly better. I've never seen another version of this card in person, but photo may be somewhat dark. No concerns on back.
1957 Topps #70 Richie Asburn PSA 6 - $16.00 (79% of VCP Average). Very consistent with the description of the '57 Wynn. Centering on back is off right to left.
1957 Topps #160 Billy Pierce PSA 7 - $13.00 (98% of VCP Average). Solid 7. Top right corner shows minor wear, and centering on back is off top to bottom.
1954 Bowman #103 Stephen Souchock PSA 8 - $50.00 (83% of VCP Average). Gorgeous card. Nothing to my eye keeps it from an 8.5 or 9.
1954 Bowman #149 Bob Young PSA 8 - $54.00 (74% of VCP Average). Front is gorgeous, just like the Souchock. Back has noticeable stain near right side.
1954 Topps #83 Joe Collins PSA 6 - $15.00 (98% of VCP Average). Front of this card looks great against the red background. Corners and edges account for grade. Corners are right on the line between slightly frayed and early rounding. Green bottom edge show the chipping effects of a rough cut.
1954 Topps #89 Howie Pollet PSA 6.5 - $13.00 (96% of VCP Average). (Note: VCP Average on this card in 6.5 is $11.00, but the percentage calculated here is based off of the average price for the card in PSA 6. Only one sale is used to calculate the 6.5 average). This card is very similar to the Collins.

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