Various altered cards by Kevin Saucier

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Various altered cards by Kevin Saucier

Post by sabrjay on Sun Dec 16, 2007 8:55 pm

Thanks to Kevin Saucier for providing these.

Kevin calls this one a work of art. This card once had a rebuilt
right bottom corner and a trimmed right edge and bottom edge to blend
the added stock. The rebuilt plug type stock was removed and the
trimmed edges restored to look like vintage cuts, tone and wear from
that era. It is doctored or one can say undoctored.

a 1952 Bowman that has had the ink removed from the front

1964 Topps giant Yaz ghost image

r316 ghost image

Batter Up ghost

t206 Bell with the named and team removed

t206 ghost

and another t206 ghost

"missing ink"

The "o" has been removed from "Toronto"

an overprinted added

Here are some blank flips, slabs and blank stock t205s and t206s

A "Shappe" creation. Kevin wonders why everyone doesn't have one

e121 ghost image

blank fronts for t206, m116 and Pirate cigarettes

a cracked slab with the frosting buffed out

legit PSA flips with various amounts of ink removed from them

Photography type cards should not be immersed or they will spider
web and/or crack. It is very difficult to remove certain stains, marks
etc. On photo cards and I would not recommend doing anything to them
with the limited knowledge I can give. Something that has worked once
before on pen ink is diluted hair spray on a cottom swab, damp but not
wet. It should be gently dabbed or rolled...never rubbed. It's a huge
risk and again, I would not recommend doing it unless you are sure it
can be done without having a negative effect on the card surface.
I have tried this once on a photo card and it worked but did not completely remove all the ink and it still had an indentation.


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