more altered cards... by Kevin Saucier

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more altered cards... by Kevin Saucier

Post by sabrjay on Sun Dec 16, 2007 8:44 pm

got around to scanning some more cards for the alteration threads. I
posted here so they could be moved by our fearless leader:
Each of these cards had harsh or large stains removed with various
chemicals. Each was bumped by two grades...Easterly was bumped 3
grades, it was a BVG 1.

As an example here is the 51 Bowman O'Connell. You may notice what
use to be a very large stain on most of the top half of the cards back.
If I remember correctl, 3 different chemicals were used and it was sent
in with a strong odor. This should have been caught by the grader. On
top of's overgraded IMO.

Here is a 33 Lindstrom with an altered bump

Here is where the marks were removed on the back. There are
still a very clear left over mark (kept intentionally) and you can see
where the green is slightly rubbed off of the letters. These rubbed
letters with or without faint marks or indentations is another thing to
look for to look at when examining a card. Sorry for the blurry
scan...I got a new scanner that doesn't work so well on graded cards.

Kevin Saucier


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