Other Boards sometimes have funny or interesting threads.

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Other Boards sometimes have funny or interesting threads.

Post by TheRiddler on Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:33 am

It is ok to "steal" them and bring them here, or provide a link.

Here is one I looted:

Davey Dunkle
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#1 08-03-2006, 10:47 PM
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Davey Dunkle


This hurler had a five-year career in the majors without distinction. What did he do in his professional career that he became famous for?

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#2 08-06-2006, 02:44 PM
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He was the first baseball player to throw a potato instead of a baseball. He is also my great great uncle.

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#3 08-06-2006, 03:25 PM
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How did you hear about the story if I may ask?

Your great great uncle Davey Dunkle did in fact bring a potato out to the pitcher's box back in 1895 for his Sunbury team in PA. I believe the opponent was Williamsport, but my notes are at home. Davey threw the ball over to first to hold the runner on. Then, he took out the potato and threw it over the first baseman's head. The baserunner did what anyone would do and took off for 2B. Davey met him at the base and tagged him out with the baseball. Local papers never forgot what he did and his team and him were always linked with the potato.

Back in the 1880's, an Indian named Legg supposedly tried the potato trick as a catcher, but his 3B dropped the throw as he was not expecting a second "ball". Pitcher Bill Setley also used the potato trick twice in minor league games, the second time making a double play at home plate when two Williamsport runners raced in on the overthrow. He was a teammate of Davey's back in 1895 so that was how he learned the trick.

Some of you may recall Dave Bresnahan's potato trick while catching for Williamsport back in the 1980's. He read about the trick and told his teammates he was going to do it. With a runner at 3B, Dave asked for time to replace his catcher's mitt. He came back with the potato stuffed in the pocket. His teammates stifled their laughter knowing what was about to happen.

After the next pitch, Dave threw down to 3B and the "ball" sailed into LF. Dave met the runner from 3B at home plate and tagged him out with the baseball. His escapade got him thrown out of the game, and the out didn't count, plus his team suspended him. He soon was on ESPN and the talk shows, and the club had a "Dave Bresnahan Day" the next season with admission $1 and one potato. That one play got him a lot of publicity.


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